1. ggariba:

    Post-work unwinding drawing, pretending I make a comic about my friend Mecha who is secretly a badass crme fighter/vigilante (?)

  2. insidematthieu:

    Cold blooded.

  3. richiepope:


    My piece inspired by The Fifth Element for The Fifth Element artbook. That movie was a staple on TV syndication as a kid and when it came on I never changed the channel. 

  4. lwply:

    Killscreen - A Comprehensive History of Low Poly Art

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

  5. joslinlapin:

    Night warmth

  6. witchkisser:

    Ikuhara Kunihiko and Morishima Akiko, Yuri Kuma Arashi

    i live for this

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  8. stindaan:

    more Dacis drawings! I have a better feel of him now.. but still needs work because design is so hard for me ;;

    So about Dacis.. He beats up angels. Bad angels. Not devils; corrupted angels. He’s just this “naturally special” kid with the ability to destroy souls. But he’s a good guy. He’s that That Chosen One guy.

    He originally started out as a mere background story character. Just a regular student who played baseball; nothing special other than his pink hair. It’s amusing to me how he turned out way more important, and now has his own established pov in Ruki’s story.

    so cool!!!!!!

  9. loic-locatelli:

    Onion Knight

    (Big Black & White version)

    This one is inspired by the powerful drawings
    of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)

  10. mamsdump:


    Unused image-boards for Fushigi no umi no Nadia movie by Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Cannabis Works).

    tanaka has been my fav and an insp since i was a wee lass

  11. coryloftis:

    I really wanted to paint something tonight, but my office is too damn hot.  A piece from Catra Sees All.

  12. relaxmammal:

    UPDATE / read from beginning / tumblr

    it’s not polite to stare

  13. youneeeed:

    Before the game

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  15. !!!!!!

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