1. ryannshannon:

    ive been rereading one piece !! its the best ofc


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  3. rvsa:

    surfin’ birds

  4. rudeezy:

    messy Shut Hell fanart because i just started reading it and i love ittttt

    maybe ill draw a better one later

  5. theaglad:

    Replaying A Link to the Past!

  6. grizandnorm:

    Tuesday Tips - FOLDS

    More on folds today. I will eventually cover all types of folds but today is about simple folds on everyday clothes (t-shirt, jeans). The key is to know what to expect and then applying what you know to simplify what you see in front of you (when life drawing). A lot of the folds dynamics on shirts and jeans come from the “memory” of the fabric itself. Denim is thick and is likely to keep some form of wrinkles or folds around certain areas (knees). A lot of zig-zag patterns around the knee is very likely. When pushed down on the feet, the denim fabric will bunch up and combine with the zig-zag pattern. Shirts and t-shirts will react to the twist and pull of the arms and torso. Identify where the pull (or tension) is coming from and work from it. I tend to draw the seams because they clearly express the volumes underneath.


  7. kinucakes:

    my girlfriend

  8. wgsn:

    The next wave of colour blocking is seen coming from @Cynthia_Rowley bringing directional and functional fashion to the beach at #miamiswimweek #swimshow


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  10. loic-locatelli:

    Morrigan (モリガン) from Darkstalkers (ヴァンパイア)

  11. doodle comic from yesterday, prompt was someone drops a donut and it gets stepped on haha

  13. breadtastesgood:

    Welcome to the smash fest Lucina! :D


    i need this as a print

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    Enjoy. :)

    "Moon Animate Make Up" = Sailor Moon episode 38 re-animated by over 200 fans from all around the world.