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    Check out the finished version of the IceC.R.E.A.M ad here


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  3. moonbakerey:

    sonic jam - still my fav 3D sonic game (the little 1-level world thing)

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    Pretty sick of being treated like an object

    loooove lapis

  5. yumbles:

    while i’m at it, here’s the second piece in the magical-girls-with-food series!

    sweet cars?! coffee??? hot date by the beach?? my dreams.


  6. yumbles:

    i pretty much never draw finished fanart so since i’m going to animeUSA i thought I’d try to pull some stuff together to sell!?

    over summer, i really wanted this donut inner tube, and i thought Usagi might like it too!

    i want iiiiiiiiiiit

  7. mattsheean:


    1st Panel.

    This won’t be out for a while, but I’m excited about the project, so I can’t help but post a peek.

    By Matt Sheean and me.

    Malachi is causing me much humbleness with his color work. Tis like observing the tinkering of an ancient color god.

    Also! Just for fun, reblog this and when you do, name the artist and painting of the work depicted in the top right of this panel

  8. i miss rachael and penny comics a lotttt

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    The golden standard


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    life imitates art

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    Please September 2014

    The first one is a printed version. The second one is an unused version, where I depicted the train unrealistically large in scale in order to make it conspicuous.

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  14. mamzerfaust:

    explorin this character

    this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looooooove

  15. garbagebird:

    Does Lucina wear a one piece under her armour

    heck yaaaaaaaaa