1. mamzerfaust:

    schools out!!!!!!!!


  2. devilscandycomic:

    Inktober for 10/20! And heeeyyy I launched my webcomic today..though.. I guess I’ve been spamming everyone enough about that~ *hides* ^///^;;

    First Page | Latest Page 10/20/14
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  3. tsulala:

    First Page | Latest Page 10/20/14
    RSS | twitter

    I did the thing!!! First post has 7 pages for the launch, then I’ll be posting one page every Monday and Friday. Thanks sooooo much for all your support and encouragement through the years, guys!! I’m so freakin’ happy to finally have this out there~~!!

  4. alexandrediboine:

    starting a new sketchbook

  5. inkmo:

    Today’s inktober. Shikal, who was a character in Legends from Darkwood, the graphic novel I made way back when with Chris Reid (whose birthday is today). Happy birthday! #inktober

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  6. wish i drew this

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  8. nock-nock-nock:

    『 海月姫 / Princess Jellyfish 』 (Film 2014)


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  9. guys bein dudes

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  10. imageblock:

    Tumblr I need your help.

    I’ll have a booth at CTNx again this year and I’m planning on selling some prints from Yuri and the Golden Plum (I’m looking into a way to sell them online after the expo as well). Unfortunately it’s not economical to make prints of every image I have for the project, so I have paired the group down to these images, of which I want to bring about four.

    I would love it if folks would leave a comment indicating which image they would like most (1-7). This would be a big help thanks so much.

    I’m going to do the same thing with another project next week.

    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you all so much, I think I’ll need to bring more than 4!

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  11. Anonymous said: oh u

    hahaha, its funny because when i was typing my blog description i starting typing a new sentence and i got up to oh u (which was gonna be an entire sentence of SOMETHING STUPID im sure) and i thought “eh this is fine”

  12. oria-9:

    [ Revolutionary Girl Utena ]

    "Revolution" means the oppressed rising up and destroying the system that oppresses them." - Yoji Enokido 

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  13. babycuts:


    acid candy pop victorian

    We have tons of these kinda houses in my town and the are just really awesome, the houses are actually classified as “Painted Ladies” and the are probably some of the best examples of Asymmetrical, non linear architecture ever created

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  14. rudeezy:

    wanted to draw a thing, ended up not as nice as i wanted it to look but oh well, just wanted to put something new on the blog

    im terrible at painting ill stick to flat colors thanks

  15. anthonyholden:

    Hope everyone’s having a great Friday! Here’s my #inktober round-up from last week.

    See the daily posts on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s journey together!

    PS, can you believe the month is more than half over already?!